About Us

About Plant Biodefenders

Is the best producer and supplier of VURUGA biopesticide for sustainable control of pest for small holder farmers who depend on agriculture for their livelihood in Tanzania.

A registered company dealing with production and distribution of biological control for effective management of plant pests


To enhance productivity through integrated organic technologies to ensure food and biodiversity security


To become a leading biocontrol producer and supplier in Africa

Our core values

VURUGA Biopesticide is available at cheap cost ranging from 40ml- 1000 packed in sachets or bottles to meet demands of small to large scale farmers
All products are distributed across the country. We can reach you in many ways; through physical visit at site, Agents in each ward, Calls, text, email and for home delivery.
Very effective for management of wide range of crop and plant pests in field. VURUGA Biocide is the best for young plants, vegetative and fruiting stages for fruit pests
VURUGA Biopesticide is safe for field users, crop consumers, animals, water bodies and environment