March 21, 2023

Vuruga Biocide Pitch Deck

March 18, 2023

Dr Never CEO pitching for DeveloPPP Funding

February 22, 2023

Plant Biodefenders CEO and MD with Ocean Hub CEO Herland exhibiting Products during African Ocean Innovation Summit in Feb 2023 in Cape town

February 11, 2023

Plant Biodefenders conducted Farmers field practical training on application of Organic Pesticide, Vuruga Biocide for effective management of cotton pests

November 16, 2022

Recent Exhibition to European Union Tanzania Event by Funguo Programme with representatives from UNDP , UNCDF and UKAid “Scaling up of VURUGA Biocide our organic biopesticide to reach more farmers, a need to partner with agents and partners across the country. Women are potential in this involvement” — CEO Dr.Never Mwambela sharing about our business model to EU Agency Representatives Tanzania , Christine Musisi |Joseph E. M..

November 9, 2022

Dr. Never Mwambela with EU Commissioner during inaugulation of FUNGUO Programme at EU Residence.

May 8, 2021

Coviba Dawa in MAKISATU Exhibition

COVIBA DAWA is a plant extract, an effective AntiCovid-19, Anti-TB, ant-cough, and Antiasthma at affordable […]