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Plant Biodefenders is a company dealing with production and supply of organic products for agriculture, human health and sustainable environment conservation.
Our current project is harnessing of seaweeds for cosmetics and health products by impowering women along the cost and for industrial development on seaweed based-products. Seaweeds have for long time used for food and agricultural application. Despite the nutritional values of seaweeds, the have also antimicrobial activities such as treatment of diseases including, bacterial, fungal and viral infection internally and externally. Recently, it has been revealed that algal extracts provide active compounds against cancers, allergy, coagulation and source of antioxidant compounds. Many species of seaweed possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that would be ideal for formulation of wound healing, skin care and skin cancer protector agent.
In addition to that, as mosquitoes and other vector causes disturbance and spread diseases addition of plant compound to repel flies is innovative product in the market especially along the cost with burden of mosquitoes’ problems. Although there are variety of algal based products in the market, there is none of product with combined cosmetic, repellency and diseases treatment activities. Hence, this project aims at processing brown and red algae in combination with active plants for treatment of skin diseases and mosquito’s repellence.

1. The product (BioGel) is organic, well packed and attractive with multifunction which is competitive advantage in cosmetic industry. It saves cost as it works as body gel as well as skin protector against pathogens sun burn, also treat acne, rashes and keep the skin moist.
-Unlike other cosmetics (gel, lotion, body spays) Biogel has several functions, affordable, skin care, safe with several health benefits. It is also used by people of all ages from infants to adults; both men and women. It is for all people with normal and abnormal skins providing wide range of potential customers.
The Biogel is skin gel with organic compounds that possess antimicrobial activities for skin protection and treatment of fungal, viral and bacterial infection on skin. The gel is novel and safe as it is composed of bee wax, seaweed and plant extracts.

2. VB GEL People along the coasts suffer seriously from infectious diseases including Malaria, Chikungunya etc and also infectious skin disease. Treatment of these diseases is costly and unaffordable. The product is harnessing marine resources especially seaweeds for making mosquito repellent for social transformation of women along the coast and across the country. The product is novel and most demanded products that will increase the demand for seaweeds and create more employment to women, more earnings and improve livelihood through products

3. Seaweed Biofertilizer apparently agricultural runoff is the major pollutant along Indian ocean in Tanzania, affecting production of green algae which in turn cause damage and loss to other biodiversity including fish. The algal blooms resulting from rich minerals effluents and runoff could be utilized in marking biofertilizer to solve the problem in agriculture productivity. On the other hand, people along the cost especially women could be empowered to cultivate the algal which will be supplied in the industry for production of biofertilizer. This will lead to innovative products that will be used to solve agricultural challenge as well as source of income and employment to people living along the cost.

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