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About Us

Is the best producer and supplier of VURUGA biopesticide for sustainable control of pest for small holder farmers who depend on agriculture for their livelihood in Tanzania. A registered company dealing with production and distribution of biological control for effective management of plant pests

Our Services


Technical training's and farmer field school on best crop cultivation practices, microbiological skills and pesticide application

Laboratory Services

Soil analysis, Laboratory services & Insectary Services such as phytochemical analysis and pollutant detection and analysis

Pest Control

Pest identification, Crop pest scouting and monitoring, Advice on best integrated pest management approaches


Agronomic consultancy like cultivation management. Intellectual Property services like Legal services for filing IP documents


To embrace Science led innovations through Commercialization, Marketing, Training, Partnership and Entrepreneurship


To harness local bio-innovations for sustainable agriculture, humans’ wellbeing and ensuring Biodiversity Conservation

Intervene Sustainable Development Goals

Management Team

Mashauri Makenga

Managing Director

Our Partners

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