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Vuruga Biocide

Vuruga Biocide is an organic pesticide formulated by using a fungus as active ingredient and vegetable oil as a carrier. It is effective for controlling a wide range of pests including; Fall armyworm, Aphids, mealybug, Fruit fly, Tuta absoluta, Bollworm and cotton moth. The active ingredient (fungal spore) act by penetrating insect body through hydrophobic interaction of spores and insect cuticle. Hence oily formulation enhances biopesticide activity, attachment and specificity on insect pests. It reduces pest population through physical attack into appendages and paralysis of appendages, antifeedant and deliberately cause pathogenesis and death of the pest.

Benefits of Vuruga Biocide

Registered Patents

VB Liquid

VB Liquid -Vector control in human and animals- We have reached more than 300 customers

VB Gel

VB Gel – Mosquito and, house and tsetse fly repellant- we have 200+ paying customers.


For treatment of Covid-19, TB, U.T.I and Respiratory diseases


Organic body gel made from seaweed, bee wax and plant extract –for topical application for treatment of skin diseases

Care Spiradul

For treatment of ulcers, throat cancer and high blood sugar

Bio Sanitizer

For prevention of microbial contamination and associated infections. Made from bioethaol, plant extract and gel

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